Deck Tech: Klothys Group slug

Ever wanted to just punish every one for doing stuff and not play Azorious or Esper? Well this deck is for you my friend. Let’s take a look at one of my favourite decks in this deck tech. I will highlight some of my favourite cards and you can find the full deck list on my moxfield

The commander

Klothys, god of destiny is 1 red and a green for an indestructible 4/5 body but isn’t a creature unless your devotion to red and green is less then 7. To clarify that means you can have a combination of colours (3 green and 4 red). But its static ability is what we really want. On our pre combat main phase we can exile a card, from ANY graveyard, if it’s land add mana, if it’s not ping everyone for 2 and gain 2. The life gain is going to be very relevant because some of the key peices in this deck are global, your going to feel the burn here too. In case you don’t know, Devotion counts the different pips across all your non land permanents, klothys gives you 1 green and 1 red devotion

Feel the burn

There are plenty of cards that are going to punish your opponents. Mana barbs punishes tapping for mana, so does overabundance but this is also a mana doubler. Harsh mentor stops activated abilities, they want to equip something there going to lose life, they want to use diving top, that’s 2 life buddy. In commander specifically, this is pretty relevant. We can’t have a gruul list and not have big daddy Rubric That, just make sure your not planning any non-creature spells of your own

Prepare for trouble and make it double

We need to start piling this damage on so we have damage doublers in the form of Angraths Mauraders, furnace of Rath and dictate of the twin god’s, which has flash so we can really surprise our opponents with some of the combat based damage.Torbran isn’t a doubler but it’s no joke, and let’s not forget, these do also work on Klothys ability. This can get out of hand really quickly.

Got to go fast

We are going to have to get ahead of our opponents pretty fast in this deck, if we want to win, we want to win before they have a chance to get there board set up, so ramp is important. Now, this is nothing new on gruul colours but I want to make special mention of Altar of the pantheon, as this also adds to our devotion count for klothys, should a blocker or an attacker be needed.

Honerable mentons

These are some of my favourite cards in the deck, Chandra gives us access to mana and card draw, and in the unlikely event we ultimate her, it’s going to sting. Nissa ramps us hard, blood moon slows down anyone who isn’t playing basic lands and star of extinction is FUNNY.

There are some cards I would absolutely love for this deck like fiery emancipation but it’s a solid deck that will make your opponents interact with you very quickly. Leave me a comment on what your thoughts are to the deck, is there any must haves you think should be in?

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