What I want for Commander legends: Battle for Baldurs gate.

Streets of New Capenna may have just been released but it won’t be long until the next Commander legends set is released, with spoiler season starting on May 16th. After the much loved Commander legends set was released there is a great deal of anticipation surrounding this set, which will seemingly take inspiration from the Adventures in the forgotten realms (AFR) set released last year

So with that in mind I thought I would write my wish list for this set and also some predictions I have.

Make a wish


The first thing I would love to see is a reprint of Talisman’s, these are a staple in our format and are quite pricey these days and there is no reason it couldnt work, with gates coming back (according to some leaks) this could also be a great time to either reprint or some new talismans that are mechanically identical

What comes before part b? Party!

In AFR there was a missed opportunity to use the Party mechanic first introduced in Zendikar Rising, which makes sense, WOTC wouldn’t want to rehash a mechanic that close to one another to try and keep the sets feel individual and self contained. But let’s face it, gathering a party and adventuring is the corner stone of a D and D campaign.

Dun dun dungeon

Speaking of mechanics that were a hit and a miss. The venture into a dungeon mechanic was watered down and really underwhelming with cards like Dungeon map being very disappointing. I really hope WOTC take this opportunity to make venturing into a dungeon more viable in our format.

Suit up and loot up

What is the best thing of adventuring? it’s getting some amazing gear right? The spoils of battling and getting incredible weaponry for your efforts, well I think this could be a great place to reprint some of the better swords in MTG’s history which have gotten pretty pricey over time. This would bring the prices down for buying singles too which is needed right now

Flavour wins

When I was growing up, I played Baldurs gate: Dark alliance and it’s sequal and I was taken away. I really hope to see that this set can take some of the spark from those games and drop some cool characters or locations. How cool would it be to have Eldrith the betrayer as your general, she could be a Boros commander that cares about attacking, maybe a hasty trampling big’un or onyx tower, a land that creates zombie tokens


I thought I would finish this blog with a little prediction and that is the mechanically equivalent prints from the street fighter secret lair will make there way into this set. Why do I think that? If you missed the secret lair announcement, the cards all have individual abilities that are kind of key worded, much in the same way that cards in AFR was printed. I am certain these will show up in one way or another, so if you missed out on street fighter prints, you should be able to grab it’s MTG version pretty soon

And that’s my wish list for the next commander set, what do you hope we see? Leave a comment in the comment box below.

I cannot wait for spoiler seasons and shortly after that will be commandFest, it really is a great time for the format.

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